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Top 10 most Expensive Cities 2013

A recent study shows that Europe is the most expensive continent in the world, at least in 2013, and TripIndex Cities released by TripAdvisor has just confirmed the same.

The destination list of key cities from 49 countries is based on the data compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). The main comparison criterion is the cost of a night. Whether you’re a penny-pincher or a dollar-stretcher, or just overall feeling a bit light in the wallet, you’ll probably want to cross Norway off your list of travel destinations because the list revealed that the Norwegian capital Oslo, the most expensive city, comes with a price tag of $561.26. It is closely followed by Zurich, Stockholm and New York City.

Traveling to certain countries can put a nice dent in your wallet. But if you like luxurious vacations you may find our Top 10 most expensive cities 2013, your next destination. So, both types of travelers must take notice of the following Top 10.

See below the top ten most expensive cities to live in. Apart from New York City and Oslo, highlights also include London, Paris, and Sydney. The cities were ranked according to their average sales price per square foot.

1Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the top most expensive city of Europe and is the capital of Norway. The reason which makes it so expensive is its popularity among local and foreign tourists. Good and services available in Oslo are sold at very high prices. Stockholm is headquarters to numerous international companies like Ericcson and Electrolux which obviously leads to high standard of living of people, which eventually increases the cost of living and thud making Oslo the most expensive one. There is not a single commodity that is available within budget, in Oslo, thus making it the top most expensive city of Europe. Price per night: $560.

2Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, is the largest city in Switzerland; it is situated above the sea level between the wooded hills on the west and east side which makes this city pure beauty to watch. Zurich is considered as the leading financial center and a global city to stay in. There are numerous international companies in Zurich, which obviously leads to high standard of living of people, and automatically makes it very expensive. Education, food, nightlife and clubbing, etc, are all very expensive in Zurich and are not easy to afford by every class of people. Price per night: $506.

3Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the largest city of Fennoscandia and is the capital city of Sweden. The city center is situated on the water, making it more beautiful and popular, thereby making it all the more expensive. Transportation in Stockholm is thus expensive, as it is mostly water transport. There are numerous restaurants in Stockholm serving almost every type of cuisine, but because of their location the prices are very expensive. Stockholm City hall, Royal Dramatic Theater, German Church and many more places are there to visit in Stockholm, which make the city more attractive and thus expensive. Price per night: $504.
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