Single guide for all the cities and museums is not a problem any more

In November 2012 a leading developer of GPS mobile audio guides Toozla released an updated version of self-named app (for Android and iOS). Toozla develops mobile audio guides in 16 languages all over the world. The application provides users with various formats of  the content: textual, graphical and audio. One of the distinguishing feature of Toozla is the wide guides coverage: currently Toozla infosphere is estimated for more than 50 million audio stories around the world.

Previously Toozla wasn’t able to provide users with indoor guides, because GPS does not work inside the buildings, and navigation through WiFi is not very stable. The issue of indoor navigation was partially solved by implementation of QR-code scanner. Museums have already started to supply exhibits with QR-codes with comprising stories. Now the user of Toozla is able to receive excursion inside the museum through Toozla app: GPS navigation will be replaced by QR code navigation. An important advantage of using QR-navigation is position accuracy, which in theory can be up to 5 centimeters.

It would seem that many apps have access to QR-codes, but integration of the scanner into Toozla is only the visible part of the work done.

First of all, Toozla portal for guides creation was also expanded with QR code generator. It allows to generate a short and clear readable code for any story, created for professional guide. Moreover, code can comprise stories in any supported language.

Secondly, all existing codes in museums are also available for scanning, their content is automatically converting into Toozla format. The visitor of the museum approach camera to the code of exhibit and the application starts to play one audio piece that was attached to the exhibit before.

Alesya Chichinkina Marketing Director of Toozla commented this news: "Some time ago, our company has faced with the problem of in-door navigation: many tourists are planing to visit museums and galleries, they are not just walking through the streets. We have chosen QR-code navigation among the possible solutions for indoor navigation, because this technology is developing very extensively, it is understandable and accessible for the users: QR-codes were printed in Kazan for all the objects of the Kazan Kremlin, Moscow Darwin Museum is on the way of implementation of this technology, historical buildings of Tverskaya Street in Moscow have also received signs with QR-codes, and that's not mentioning foreign examples! Now our users receive access not only to the guides of Toozla, but also to the information, created by QR-code adepts for many attractions and museum exhibits. By adding this functionality to the application, we hope to make the product even more complete and comprehensive. After implementation of QR-code scanner we estimate our infosphere at least in 75 million audio tracks. "
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