Malaysia Airlines extends its A380 routes

Those planning vacations to Malaysia must be happy, because yesterday a new Airbus A380 route was launched; it flies to Charles de Gaulle Airport from Paris. Paris has become the second city to be operated using the superjumbo by the Airline, with London being the first.

The airline will fly daily to Paris from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur. The upgrade means that the flight capacity will increase by 75 per cent, now being able to carry 494 passengers, 212 more than on the previously operated B777. The Airbus A380 took off for Paris today, 31 years after Malaysia Airlines made its inaugural flight to the French capital in 1982.

This is another significant development for us at Malaysia Airlines.” said Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, the airlines’ group chief executive. “The very encouraging load is a positive indication that the increase in capacity by 75 per cent is indeed needed.” He also added: “Booking trends for March 2013 shows a positive hike by 87 per cent for Kuala Lumpur – Paris route and a stunning 123 per cent growth for Paris – Kuala Lumpur route as compared to bookings in March 2012…I believe that our membership in the oneworld alliance from 1st February 2013 will also contribute to this positive development.”

The Airbus A380 is a double decked, four engine, jet airliner that aims to completely change the passenger experience. Malaysia Airlines has currently ordered six of the world’s biggest aircraft and is the eighth airline in the world to operate the A380. The airline is expecting its sixth Airbus A380 to be delivered at the end of this month.


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