European theme parks upgraded for summer

Europa Park, Germany Europa Park, Germany

Theme parks across Europe are preparing to open their gates this month for the start of the new season. More than 500 million Euros has been spent this year on fixing up over 300 amusement parks and attractions in Europe, to attract more visitors this summer.

On top of a range of new rides and attractions being added to existing theme parks, two new parks have been built in Europe. This spring both Istanbul and Sicily will open the gates of their new parks to thousands of eager visitors looking for thrills and fun.

Parks in other parts of Europe have spent the winter installing new record-breaking roller coasters, offering their guests more loops, dips, twist and turns than ever before. The 500 million Euros has also been spent on creating new themed areas within the parks based on fairytales, children’s books, fantasy lands and exotic regions. In Southern Germany a theme park has even added a medieval themed hotel offering guests the chance to sleep in a castle.

Storytelling continues to be more and more important for all parks.” explained Karen Staley, vice president, European Operations for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. “It is their goal to offer families the opportunity to experience together a unique adventure when stepping into a completely different world leaving the reality of daily life behind.

Around 160 million people visit one of Europe’s over 300 theme parks every year, generating more than 10 billion Euros. The addition of new rides and attractions in Europe is hoped to bring in more visitors to the parks and increase the total annual turnover in the sector.


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