Africa voted the most unique travel destination

African Safari African Safari

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) has recently carried out a survey which ranks Africa as the most unique destination in the world. Offering from amazing safari experiences to diverse cultures and from exotic nature to spectacular wildlife, Africa will impress even the most hardened traveler.

The second place on the list of most unique travel destinations was taken by Costa Rica followed by Italy, Australia and Alaska.

Destinations were rated on several criteria including activities, experiences, culture and climates. “ASTA agents have experienced many destinations and know what resonates with their clients.” said Zane Kerby, president and chief executive officer at ASTA.

All the respondents concluded that Africa’s safari experiences which are unique in the whole world, was the main criteria of selection. “In Africa you can go from some of the most fast forward cities like Johannesburg then be out in the Veld and only see your fellow camp mates on Safari face to face with animals like you never before thought possible.” said Californian travel agent Paula Singleton.

Costa Rica was ranked the second in the Top Unique Destinations Around the World, because of its diverse landscapes and friendly locals, Italy was third, being praised for its “small town lifestyle” and food and wine. Australia was ranked fourth, with ASTA agents listing the country’s rare plants and fauna and its range of climates and experiences as reasons as to why the country was so unique. Alaska came in fifth on the list and was viewed by those surveyed as having the most varied outdoor activities such as ice climbing, dog sledding and kayaking.


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