Survey: The most expensive hotels in the world

The "Le Dune" hotel, located on the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia, is the most expensive hotel in the world according to a recent survey from The survey compared luxury hotels across the globe and then ranked them based on their average rates for a standard double room this June to August 2012 summer season. As a result, the dollar figures behind the rankings reflect the minimum amount a visitor had to spend to stay at a particular hotel.

Coming in at an average rate of $2539 per night, the “Le Dune” hotel easily scored the top spot. This luxurious accommodation is situated in Santa Margherita di Pula, a seaside resort along Sardinia’s southern coast. The “Le Dune” was significantly more expensive than the runners up, the Royal Mansour in Marrakech, Morocco and the Hotel Pitrizza in Sardinia’s Porto Cervo. There, average rooms are going for $2060 and $2041 per night, respectively, this summer.

Overall, Sardinia landed three more hotels in the Top 10, for a total of five. The others making the cut were the Villa del Parco, the Hotel Cala di Volpe and the Hotel Romazzino. Asia made a showing on the survey’s list as well. The continent’s most expensive hotel, the Amankora in Buhtan, settled into the number five slot with an average nightly rate of $1910. Finishing out the Top 10 were the Maia Luxury Resort in the Seychelles and two upscale resorts in Australia, the Southern Ocean Lodge and the Lizard Island.

Following are the 10 most expensive hotels in the world for the period spanning June through August 2012. The rates listed are based on the average price for a standard double room.

Rank   Name of Hotel   Location Avg. rate/ night
1.   Le Dune, Forte Village Resort   Sardinia, Italy $2539
2.   Royal Mansour   Marrakech, Morocco $2060
3.   Hotel Pitrizza   Sardinia, Italy $2041
4.   Villa del Parco   Sardinia, Italy $2031
5.   Amankora & Spa   Paro, Bhutan $1910
6.   Hotel Cala di Volpe   Sardinia, Italy $1904
7.   Hotel Romazzino   Sardinia, Italy $1850
8.   Maia Luxury Resort and Spa   Anse Louis, Seychelles $1692
9.   Southern Ocean Lodge   Kangaroo Island, Australia $1665
10.   Lizard Island   Great Barrier Reef, Australia $1651
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About the Methodology:

The survey was conducted from May to July 2012. For all luxury hotels, the average rate for a standard double room was calculated for the period spanning June to August 2012. Only such hotels offering a minimum of 20 rooms were considered. The rates were taken from the respective hotels’ websites or drawn from the leading hotel-booking sites. In all cases, the lowest available price was used in tabulating the results. If the standard double room was sold out for a particular day, the standard “theoretical” rate for that day was substituted and included in the average rating. All rates were established in U.S. dollars or converted into such figures using the exchange rate for the respective day.
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