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Alaska Dog Sledding

If you are looking for a great winter vacation, then you should definitely try dogsledding in Alaska. Dog Sledding on a Glacier is by far the absolute highlight of a visit to Alaska, especially if you are adventurous and nature lover. It is probably one of the most expensive options for Alaska cruise excursions, but it worth all the money. Alaska dog sled vacations offer you the possibility to tower peaks that radiate alpenglow pinks and purples, find the absolute peace and supernatural quiet, admire the dancing Northern Lights in the sky, spot large herds of moose, seals, wolf and eagles, and so much more.
Dogs have allway been used by northern people to pull sleds. Practiced in many parts of Alaska, this primary form of transportation began to attract travelers searching for adventure and unique experiences. It also has generated the sled dog racing. Nowadays, this sport is famous worldwide, and is for both professional competition and family recreation. People come from around the world to participate in Alaska's yearly Iditarod - The last great race.
Dog sled rides take place on snow covered Alaskan glaciers; the most popular one is Godwin Glacier. There are many resorts and operators that offer dogsledding tours and memorable back-country experiences. You can choose to handle your own sled, or let yourself be guided by professionals. Sleds are pulled by enthusiastic teams of dogs, usually Siberian or Alaskan huskies, and glide quietly along snow-covered trails. Scenery along the route can include mountain views, frozen lakes or powder-filled meadows. The length of trip varies greatly also: from one-half hour tours to 12-day mushing expeditions. Mushing is the act of driving sled dogs.
Every tour begins from the heli-pad. From there you will fly by helicopter to a nearby glacier to the dog camp where the fun will begin.The helicopter ride itself is an exciting and scenic adventure. Once you arrive at the glacier, experienced local guides will teach you about Alaska dog sledding. They will tell you what you can expect as they teach you all about the famous Alaskan sport of dog mushing. Alaska dog mushing is fun and easy to learn. Also, you will learn how to drive a team of dogs through a three mile course.
It is important to know that there are different kinds of dogs used to pull sleds.  The most popular breeds are the Alaskan husky, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian husky and the German Shorthaired Pointer.   Sled dogs are chosen based on two qualities: endurance and speed.  In a race, sled dogs average about 30 km/h over distances up to 40 km.  A team of sled dogs usually contains three to two dozen animals. Today teams are usually hitched in tandem (two-by-two) rows.
Now that everything is ready, strat your adventure! Mushing across the glacier is a once in a lifetime experience.
The best time to visit Alaska for dog sledding is winter. The winter season usually runs from Mid-November to Mid-April, with the famous Iditarod race held in early March. Unfortunately, the majority of Alaska's visitors come here in the spring or summer, when the snows of winter have receded and the long, sunlit days of summer warm the landscape. While we Alaskans may revel in the reprieve from the cold and darkness, for the dogs it is a time of renewal and recovery, a long vacation from a winter's worth of work.
Due to the nature of this total wilderness environment the country does not allow for luxury accommodations. However, kennels that offer multi-night camping trips where you travel a great distance,provide tourists with log cabins, hard-core tent camps set up in mountain ranges accessible only by dog team.
It useful to know that the ride can be quite rough, and may not be suitable for people with back trouble; operators provide winter clothing: parkas, bibs, suits, boots, gloves/mittens, mukluks - all that you for a perfect tour.
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