Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet District Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet District

Top 10 Places To Visit In Turkey

Turkey is one of the greatest places in the world to visit as a tourist. It has a vast area of land with different kinds of cultures and religions as never seen before. Tourists from every corner of the globe do visit this country every year just to tour its best different sites. As mentioned earlier on, Turkey occupies a vast tract of land and therefore it is important for a tourist to find the most convenient means of transport to tour this country's top most tour destination places.

One of the best ways to tour around these top places in Turkey is by using a train. In fact in Turkey, there are various companies offering the cheapest and most affordable railway transport services which can be to the advantage of any tourist wishing to tour some of these topmost places in Turkey. As a result of this, it is therefore advisable for every tourist to obtain some of these cheapest train tickets in order for him/her to be able to travel within Turkey without wasting too much money on transport alone. With all that said, here are the top ten places any tourist in Turkey should never miss to visit.

Don't worry about where to stay, because you will find a great array of hotels in Turkey for all pockets and tastes.

1The Istanbul's Sultanahmet District

This is one of the best places in Istanbul, as a tourist you will be able to sit in the park which housed the historical Hippodrome while at the same time looking at the Blue Mosque and the Aghia Sofia.
This can be so interesting since the view that these features create may make one to think that the Blue Mosque, Aghia Sofia and the historical Hippodrome are having a silent conversation amidst years of religious battles.
Not forgetting other structures like the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque is an ancient building that was built with a great design.

2The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

This is a vast covered area which is located just a few miles from Sultanahmet whereby tourists can buy almost everything.
At the Grand Bazaar, tourist can buy so many items ranging from copper souvenirs to the traditional spices at very cheap prices since haggling is allowed.
This place can offer the best shopping experience to those who do shopping as a hobby.

3Goreme National Park

This national park among other sites in Cappadocia has been a great heritage center since 1985; it is situated at the center of the ''Fairy Chimneys''.
If you visit this site, you will be able to see the famous underground dwellings that were curved from the soft rocks in the 4th century.
People still live in these dwellings in fact there are underground accommodation rooms which can accommodate tourists at a small fee.

4The Historical Ephesus

Historians believe that Ephesus was founded during the Stone Age period and that it continued to grow as a trading center throughout the Roman era.
This structure was founded by the Greeks and it is where St. Paul begun his gospel preaching, this is just a great place you should never fail to visit.
This site has various buildings including the ancient library for those who love reading and also a brothel that is strategically situated.


The name sounds funny even though it means ''cotton castle'' although it is worth it if we consider the fun associated with touring this place.
The reason as to why this place is referred to as the name above is because it consists of layers of white which enclose the hot sulphur springs.
Tourists can have a bath in these waters during the cold seasons apart from just viewing the breath taking whiteness of the cliff.

6Nemrut Dag

This is another top places in Turkey which can be visited by tourists to see the remains of the ancient Commagne Kingdom.
If you visit this place, you will be able to see the famous huge stone heads, homes of the legendary kings and the historical Antiochus.


Antalya is known all over the world for her best beaches, and therefore she can be the best destination for beach site lovers.
Tourist can choose from a huge number of world class resorts or just any other accommodation place depending on their preferences.


This site is another great alternative for beach lovers and it is located on the country's Aegean Coast.
It is believed that Kusadasi used to be a police station during the colonial period; the main entrance is usually characterized by an old gate.
his is also one of the major places you should visit if you are a tourist, the locals here are also friendly and accommodating.


People believe that Bodrum is more liberal than other places in Turkey and is home to most celebrities and artists in Turkey.
This is also another perfect destination for tourists in fact there are so many historical sites in this region like the ''Castle of St Peter.''

10Lake Van

If you intend to tour the eastern parts of Turkey, make sure you don't fail to visit Lake Van which is known for its natural beauty and some of the finest hotels in Turkey.
However, this place is hundreds of miles away from Istanbul, but tourists who have the cheapest train tickets with them should not worry about the distance or transport cost, remember a visit to this place is worth it.


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