En light your life with Bahrain vacation

Bahrain with the great history dating back to 5000 years, both geographic and human civilization was initially attached to Arabian Peninsula. But with the periodical changes happened in the nature, this piece of land was separated from its mainland, however, it is now rejoined with the human efforts linking to Saudi Arabia of about 25 Km long causeway.
This archaeological significance of the country reflects its prosperity in the development that for no doubts will enlighten your life on your visit to Bahrain. With the efforts taken by the Government, Bahrain is growing as the popular tourist destination visited by millions of people both for business and pleasure. There are many attractions maintained well, interesting and impressing the visitors getting relaxed and exploring experience.

Enlightening places in Bahrain

There are many places of interest in Bahrain making you not to miss even a single attraction on your vacation and enlighten your life. However, with the limited time and having your visa alerting you often, here are some notable sightseeing places that will give you enlightening experience and happiness while visiting this Gulf country.
To guide you choose popular and must visit attractions in Bahrain, here follows a few places of interest: Manama: This is one of the main islands of Bahrain visited by millions of tourists throughout the year Here the tourists can enjoy a number of things that would enlighten their life:

  • The beauty of the islands, the pristine water and the tranquil environment will enlighten the inner self of every visitor.
  • This lovely destination has over 5000 years of history and civilization to be explored. A glimpse into the historical era of Bahrain is something highly en lighting for the visitors.
  • While talking a lovely walk on the sunbathed beaches the visitors will feel lively and revived with their unspoiled beauty.
  • Regardless of sunny weather, there are many shopping malls and retreats where the visitors will get lost and forget their past present and future.

Hawar Islands

Situated on the coast of Qatar, this is a popular destination for bird watchers. You will enjoy and experience the beauty of nature in addition to watching unique species of birds in the world. Here the tourists can enjoy:

  • Unspoiled natural beauty of this island will be a like a divine bliss for the heart and soul of the visitors.
  • Having a peek into the wide varieties of lovely bird species of Bahrain in their natural habitat will be the experience of a lifetime.
  • Watching and feeding the birds will give a special kind of enjoyment to the visitors. They will get the feel of real freedom after watching the free birds flying and dancing the free blue sky.

Al Areen Wildlife Park, Sakhir

Situated about 40 minutes travel from Manama, this wildlife part is the best tourist attraction with huge numbers of fauna and flora. The enlightening elements here include:

  • A quick peek into the heart of the wilderness will take them close to the nature.
  • Comprising over 500 animal species and 10000 plants this wildlife park will give an insight into the animal kingdom of Bahrain. Families especially with children can gather a lot of enlightening knowledge from this park.

World Trade Center

Located in Manama, this is the inspiring and dramatic trade center with the elevation rising about 787 ft. above sea level. The sky bridge connects the twin tower. This trading center has achieved 2 prestigious for its wonderful architecture, which attracts every tourist to it

  • A visit to Manama in Bahrain will be truly enlightening as the visitors will step into a place where technology is on its height.
  • The sky-touching Twin towers with a sky bridge connecting the both of the towers being a wonderful architectural creation will keep them spell-bound. Bahrain Visas can be applied online easily and there are also agencies help getting your visas to visit the country on your tourism.

Tourists visiting from various countries across the world need visas, however citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council, including United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman don't need visas. Tourists visiting Bahrain from European countries like United Kingdom can get their visas from Bahrain International Airport. Most of the visas are valid for up to 14 days; however, it is also possible to get your visas extended up to three months.

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