Swiss Museum of Transport Swiss Museum of Transport

Swiss Museum of Transport

The Swiss Museum of Transport is Europe's most comprehensive museum of mobility. It was opened in 1959 and is Switzerland's most popular museum. More than 3,000 objects spread over an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters showcase the story of the development of traffic on roads, by rail, on water, in the air and in space. Also there can be found some unique attractions such as the IMAX Theatre, Planetarium, Swissarena and Gotthard Tunnel Show, not to mention the Hans Erni Museum.
The interesting Swiss Transport Museum is located in the city of Lucerne. The main themes are the past, present and future of transport and mobility on land, air and on sea.
  • Road Transport - the museum has a two-storey hall with an exhibition area of about 2,000 m2 and futures an interactive car theatre and a display store. It also has individually designed theme islands referring to such topics as commercial traffic car & work, changing visions, safety and a display workshop. The section on the Gotthard road tunnel project is very interesting, it was opened in 1980.
  • Railway Transport - the Swiss Transport Museum is the best place to discover the Swiss railway transport network; the country has very many railway tunnels, like a Swiss Emmental cheese has holes. You will find an interesting and comprehensive collection of the theme of Swiss rail transport and a large display of trains. The museum displays everything from the beginning of the horse-drawn tram via steam railways to rack railways and on to today’s modern electric railway. In the locomotive simulator one can experience what it feels like to drive a train oneself.
  • Aviation & Space Travel - the Aviation and Space Travel Hall was opened in 1972 and is very interesting and spectacular. Since then, pioneers of the world of aviation from the past, present and future have donated to the museum. The aviation and Space center has expanded everyday and gained a worldwide reputation. All aviation sectors and areas such as, civil and military flight, airports, flight safety and flying weather, air rescue are presented in an attractive fashion.
  • IMAX Theatre - the most enjoyable attraction of the is the Swiss Transport Museum is the IMAX theatre. Here can be seen a lot of breathtaking sights in needle-sharp focus on a gigantic 19x25 meters screen. One session lasts approximately 30 40 minutes, during which you will discover another world. You can see the very small in close up and the very large in its true size and experience a completely new film dimension.
  • Planetarium - another attraction that fascinates the young and old since the beginning in 1969 is the Planetarium. The projection area is a huge 508m2 beneath the 18 m dome. It is the perfect place to experience a breathtaking sky and discover the principles and the latest research from the world of astronomy.
  • Other Interesting Discoveries - the Swiss Transport Museum also has a unique permanent cableway exhibition. It shows you how to get to the top of the highest peaks via cable cars, funicular railways and cogwheel railways. The oldest means of transport at the museum is a dugout canoe from Lake Biel dating back to the Neolithic period. In the Nautirama, you will be taken on an audio-visual tour through the early days in the history of steam navigation. Original boats, marine engines and some interesting historic models complement the exhibition.
Spending a day at the museum is a very interesting and enjoyable activity. There can be found activities for all ages. Car lovers must visit the museum, they certainly will love this place.
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