Wooden Bridge in Kolárovo Wooden Bridge in Kolárovo

Wooden Bridge in Kolárovo

The Wooden Bridge in Kolárovo is the longest bridge built all from wood in Europe and it is among the most beautiful bridges in Slovakia. In 2000 its picture appeared on post stamps.
The bridge over the Malý Dunaj River is 2.25 metres wide and 86 metres long . It is built all from wood, even the pillars aren’t from concrete.
The wooden bridge is located in the south of Slovakia in a small town called Kolárovo.
The current bridge is a copy of a bridge that existed in this very place until 1950s. It was built by the local conservationist in in nine days in 1992 who used the memories of locals who remembered what it looked like.
The original bridge was only 60 metres long and it was destroyed by the loating ice blocks. Even today, the original bridge pillars can be seen in water, when the water table drops. The length of the bridge has been expanded by 24 metres what makes it today the longest bridge of its kind in  Europe.
The major part of the bridge is made of especially treated locust wood. The life of the bridge is expected to be about 150 years. The bridge is in very good condition and it leads to a small island, where now is a ship-mill museum -a really interesting place.
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