Baikal Lake Baikal Lake

Baikal Lake

Baykal Lake is located in the southern part of eastern Siberia within the republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk province of Russia. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, famous for its natural beauty and extensive unspoilt landscapes. Baikal is one of the most ancient lakes - it’s age is estimated at 25–30 million years. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the biggest lake in Eurasia and the deepest lake on earth. If your dream is to see the unforgettable beauty of nature, then start planning your vacation to Baikal!
The surface of the lake is about 31,470 square kilometers, the maximum depth is 1,637 meters. It has 30 islands, the biggest is Olihon. The body's water volume is about 23,000 cubic kilometers, representing almost 20% of the world’s reserve of fresh water and 90% of Russia’s reserve of fresh water. Baikal is so large that all of the rivers on earth combined would take an entire year to fill it. The water is unique – pristine, glassy and oxygenated. That is why a long time ago people thought that the water have medicinal properties, they cured diseases with it. In the summer, its crystalline blue waters are transparent to a depth of forty meters, and its shores are ringed with the brilliant colors of seasonal wildflowers.
Many unique geographical features developed unique and various flora and fauna. There are more than 1,700 animal species at different depths, and a lot of plants live on or near the surface; most of them grow and live only in Baikal waters. There are about 52 species of fish belonging to several families. The most common and heavily fished are the grayling, omul salmon, sturgeon and whitefish. One of the most unusual to the lake is the golomyanka  fish which gives birth to live young. Here can be found one of the smallest true seals and one of the longest lived seal - females can reach up to 56 years of age. It is about Baikal seal or Phoca Sibirsca, who can be seen year round. The lake region is home to an enormous variety of birds. More than 300 different species of birds live in the Baikal area.
Renowned as one of the earth's most impressive natural wonders, lake Baikal offers to its tourists amazing views of the unique flora and fauna. Surrounded by high snowcapped mountains, Lake Baikal is a quiet place where you feel safe. The mountains are wild, untouched and represent a haven for animals. Its forested shores surmounted by the jagged are ideal for hiking. The nearby small villages are still outposts of tranquillity and self-reliance in the remote Siberian taiga, as the forest is called.
In winter Baikal freezes over, with ice so thick that the Trans-Siberian Railway was runing over its surface. At this time of year the lake provides an unsurpassed venue for the pleasures of a tour by sleigh.
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