Capital - Berlin
Population - 82,369,000
Area - 357,021 km²
Density - 230.71 / km²
Currency - EUR
Official language – German
Germany is located in Western and Central Europe. It shares borders with Denmark to the north, Poland and Czech to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, France and Luxembourg to the southwest, Belgium and the Netherlands to the northwest. Germany is a land of dense forests and mountains, medieval villages, fairy-tale castles, beer festivals and spas. The country has something to offer every visitor, ranging from historic sites and museums to river cruising; and from Alpine skiing to shopping and dining. Also in Germany can be found a few seaside resorts along the Baltic and North Sea coastline. Most of Germany's popular attractions are centered around areas of outstanding natural beauty. One of the most beautiful destinations in Germany is he Rhine Valley which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting dozens of fortresses, monasteries and picturesque castles, such as the stunningly beautiful Schloss Stolzenfels.

Cross country skiing in Bavaria

Germany is the perfect destination for winter holidays. Germany offers great outdoors in winter, with quirky attractions and things to do that will warm both body and soul. The winters are cold, temperatures go below zero, creating great opportunity to practice all types of winter sports, from alpine and cross-country…

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most frequently photographed sights and one of the most visited destinations in Germany. Known all over the world as a symbol of idealised romantic architecture and for the tragic story of its owner, Neuschwanstein Castle looks like a fairytale castle. It is located near…