La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel

Hidden on a private property in Durbuy, Belgium, La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel will take you into a whole new world of creativity, originality, and fantasy, and will make your vacation memorable. Its 10 rooms simply defy any standard of imagination. All of them are extraordinarily decorated and furnished, and evoke ideas from the four corners of the world, re-interpreted as fairy tales. This weird and wonderful hotel could be the perfect hotel destination for your next incentive group. One thing is certain that your delegates would definitely not forget their experience! Only one night spent in this magical hotel is sufficient to make you come back again and again.
Besides the fact that Durbuy is considered the smallest town on the planet, it represents an inedited tourist attraction on the world map. Its narrow streets accessible almost exclusively to pedestrians and tiny but lovely houses make Durbuy a surreal realm, adored by tourists from around the world. The white or brick buildings, beautifully shaded by the lush forest vegetation, with big windows covered by dark wooden shutters, accompany you everywhere; also the narrow streets of cobblestone discreetly adorned with cozy terraces and vintage shops.
Just when you will find out that the fairytale town really exists, you will discover another wonderland, hidden in an unassuming farmhouse up a pleasant country lane. You will discover one of the most unusual hotels in the world.
This spectacular property was built and designed by architect and visionary hotelier Dominque Noel. He originally opened an amazing restaurant, called La Gargouille, that specializes in Belgian delicious dishes cooked carefully using only local ingredients and bio-organic products. Dominque Noel, who owns the land where the restaurant was opened, thought he could attract a greater number of tourists if he will build a hotel. So, a brilliant Idea was born! He has taken inspiration from fairytales to construct these amazing bedrooms next door to the restaurant. The motto of the hotel is all that you can imagine is real. La Balade des Gnomes translates as The Walk of the Gnomes.
From the outside the hotel looks like your stepping into a fairytale. The rooms are located in a farmhouse, with a Trojan Horse suite nearby. To gain access to the horse visitors will need to lower the drawbridge.
The Trojan Horse is an individually apartment; it is entirely made of wood. You must see what the ingenious architect managed to create. Besides the amazing Trojan Horse there are 10 different bedrooms; each of them has its own name and its own fantastical theme. These include a cabin in the forest, a neighborhood on the moon, stars in the desert, the legend of the trolls and even a wine cellar with vines, barrels and oak wine press furniture. All of them were decorated with lots of attention to details.
The cabin in the forest is a shrine dedicated to fire, earth and water. The walls of wood are covered with dry clay, beams supporting the roof of the same material are tree trunks; also a lot of stumps, branches and stones can be found around the room. The minibar is guarded by a stuffed eagle. Overall, you feel like sleeping in the forest, but at the same time having the necessary comfort. Price per night for two people is 115 euros.
The room called the legend of the trolls is slightly more expensive, about 145 euros per night for two people. Light wood furniture, unfinished-looking wood floor and pillars that mimic tree barks give to the room a rustic but welcoming atmosphere. Lighting accessories are from black metal and provide a pleasant indirect lighting effect.
For only 125 euros per night for two people, the room stars in the desert is awaiting for you at La Balade Des Gnomes. The blue ceiling is completely covered with bright stars, and the canopy bedroom will help you to relax and to forget all your problems.
Your vacation will be unique, because regardless of which room you will choose, the scenery will be as fascinating. You cas see there fireplaces decorated with river stones, stuffed animals and furniture that you never dreamed of.

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