Capital - Brussels
Population - 10,403,000
Area - 30,510 km²
Density - 340.97 / km²
Currency - EUR
Official language – Dutch, French, German
The Kingdom of Belgium is located in Western Europe. Belgium shares borders with France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Belgium is well known for its history, terrific food and good quality museums and offers a number of interesting places to visit. Belgium is world famous for its chocolates and deserts, as well for its robust beers. Brussels and Bruges are the two most exciting stops in Belgium.  One offers big-city adventures while the other emotes small town charms. Other destinations that shouldn’t be missed are the Church of Our Lady – the home to several works of art including the Crucifixion by Anthony van Dyck, the Supper at Emmaus and Deposition of the Cross; Ardennes - an area comprised of ancient mountains, hills and numerous forests.

La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel

Hidden on a private property in Durbuy, Belgium, La Balade Des Gnomes Hotel will take you into a whole new world of creativity, originality, and fantasy, and will make your vacation memorable. Its 10 rooms simply defy any standard of imagination. All of them are extraordinarily decorated and furnished, and…

Cathédrale Notre - Dame de Tournai

The Cathédrale Notre – Dame de Tournai or the Cathedral of Our Lady is one of the most striking examples of architecture that artfully combines three periods of architectural influence such as the Romanesque, the Gothic and the Transitional, in Belgium and throughout Europe. It has been inscribed on UNESCO's…