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Bermuda Reef Explorer

Bermuda is a little bit of Heaven. With pink-sand beaches, interesting pink architecture and friendly people, Bermuda is an ideal destination for a family vacation, honeymoon or even a weekend holiday.
One of the must-do activities in Bermuda is to explore the amazing reefs that surround the island. A tour on the Bermuda Reef Explorer, Hamiltonis the best ways to see the spectacular reefs. It is Bermuda’s largest glass-bottom boat with a length of 70 feet and and a beam of 20 feet.
The boat is owned by Captain Michael Gladwin; He has over 25 years of experience in Bermuda waters and is a very competent skipper. During the trips, the captain shares with tourists his knowledge about Bermuda's underwater world and provides many interesting facts about this magnificent island. Michael Gladwin is for many passengers the plus of the Reef Explorer tours.
The Reef Explorer can hold up to 150 passengers in two large open decks and a lower deck where the glass-bottom can be found. The upper deck is great for viewing the scenery around while the boat is sailing along. The lower deck has a bar with soda dispensers, changing and restrooms. Since it was given a major refit in 2007, the Reef Explorer has a new dive platform at the rear. Onboard there are snorkel equipment and kayaks.
There are different cruises available, from snorkel adventures to glass-bottom tours and from pirate party adventures to fun tours of Bermuda.

Glass Bottom Tour

The glass-bottom adventure is for those who want to discover what lays beneath the ocean surface without getting wet. During the two hour tour, you will see an amazing variety of fishes, corals and other marine creatures. The final destination is the Turtle Cove where you will see the green turtles of the Atlantic. On the way, you will stop by the Vixen, a nearly-submerged shipwreck where you can feed hundreds of fish. One arrived to destination, the lower floor hatches are removed to reveal the glass-bottom and the wonderful and coloured coral reefs and many species of fish.

Snorkel Adventure

The three hour Snorkel Adventure follows the same itinerary as the glass-bottom tour but gives you an extra hour to explore the ocean by yourself with the snorkelling equipment from the Reef Explorer or to go for a wander on one of their kayaks. Or alternatively you can join the guides for a safari to the Sea Garden of Bermuda, a water area where you can see a plethora of amazing marine life and corals.

Aquarium Snorkel & Fun Tour of Bermuda

Aquarium Snorkel & Fun Tour of Bermuda is a three and half hour tour that takes you along the beautiful north shore of Bermuda. On the way you will see many water facing houses and historical buildings of Bermuda. The boat will anchor at the inlet of Flatts Village where tourists have the opportunity to visit the two most popular tourist attractions of Bermuda; these are the Aquarium Museum and Zoo. On return, the boat will cruise to a shallow bay where you can swim, go for a wander on a kayak or simply relax onboard.

Pirate Party Adventure

Pirate Party Adventure is a night time cruise that lasts for one hour and 30 minutes. The Reef Explorer will take you to the Pirates Point of Bermuda, the place where the pirates used to lure the ships passing by and loot them. Sub-sea lights under the boat will allow you to see what the marine life is up to at night through the glass-bottom. You will also see a shipwreck that had fallen prey to the pirates and finally sank at the bottom of the ocean.
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