Wat Chedi Luang Temple Wat Chedi Luang Temple

Accommodation and fast facts about Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city in the northern Thailand and the second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok; it one of the most popular cities in terms of culture, tourism and number of people visiting the city to learn about the culture and tradition of Thailand. Known as the Thailand’s Rose of the North or the Culture Capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a welcoming and laid back 700-year-old town known all over the world for its huge historical treasury; about 300 temples can be found here, of which 121 within the thêtsàbaan or municipal limits. Due to this fact, the Old City of Chiang Mai is visually striking. Its crumbling bastions, ruined pagodas, pretty moat, centuries-old temples, bustling street markets, cozy guesthouses will give you the great opportunity to feel the taste of provincial Thailand. This doesn’t mean that Chiang Mai is the perfect destination only for history buffs. There are a great array of adventure trips to waterfalls nearby and mountain National Parks, trekking, rafting, elephant riding and a lot of relaxing activities for families. Shopping is another must do when traveling to Chiang Mai, along with very affordable hotels for both business travelers and tourists and dining options.

Those planning a trip to Chiang Mai, shouldn’t be worry about where to stay because tourism industry is continuously thriving and offers many exotic Chiang Mai hotels and resorts ready to spoil their visitors with the best facilities and amenities.
Royal Princess Chiang Mai is a good example, located on the Chang Klan Road which is the home to some local markets called bazaars which are open all night. The hotel is built in a 10-story building having 198 guestrooms and it is located near to the airport and next to the famous Night Bazaar - a sprawling market filled with handicrafts, souvenirs and general arts and crafts. Other attractions in the neighborhood include the Wiang Kum Kam, Tha Phae Gate and the Warorot Market. The guestrooms in the hotel are superbly designed and decorated with all modern facilities such as satellite television, refrigerator and complementary internet access. The hotel is more suitable for business travelers as it is fairly expensive and offers a wide variety of services such as airport pickups for surcharge, business center, self parking service, luggage storage, tour and ticket assistance, and much more. If you are looking for a Chiang Mai accommodation with services to make you feel like home then this is the place you should try!

But if you are looking for something more from Chiang Mai hotels with exclusive services and you have a higher budget try the DusitD2 Chiang Mai located on the same Chang Klan Road. The guestrooms are decorated with wooden furniture which will give you a feeling of closeness to nature. It has a huge lobby with natural light coming from its windows, conference room for business travelers and an excellent reception center. It also has an excellent bar area where you can spend great time and have your drinks. There is no shortage of sitting area in DusitD2 Chiang Mai hotel as it has plenty of space in the sitting area where you can spend your time and relax. There is also a spa treatment center in the hotel as well as an outdoor pool and a bar beside it. The hotel is designed to give you maximum facilities so that you can relax and enjoy the time. Within walking distance from the hotel there a lot of tourist attractions: Bhuping Palace, Chang Puak Gate, Chiang Mai National Museum, Chiang Mai Night Safari and others, Old City of Chiang Mai.

But if want to spend more money on visit places and shopping in Chiang Mai than on expensive hotels, there are some cheaper Chiang Mai hotels with good services such as the Maninarakorn Hotel located on the Sridonchai Road. There is a large lounge near the reception area and has comfortable and cozy guestrooms. The hotel also has a steam room, spa treatment center, conference room, outdoor pool and other great facilities for a fair price.

Whether you will book your guestroom on the Chang Klan Road or in another part of the town don’t even try to miss the famous Warorot Market and Night Bazaar. The first is one of the best places in Thailand where you will find local crowd and spices and artifacts of this country. Tourism is all about seeing and learning about new place and the Warorot Market is a great place to learn about Thailand. The Warorot Market doesn’t have modern facilities but it is more like an urban market where everything you see is used by locals having true taste of the Chiang Mai city. You will find food products, local goods, spices, fruits, flowers, and numerous other local goods. The Warorot Market is also closely located to the Night Bazaar and adjacent to the Ping River.

Night Bazaar is a paradise for shoppers and a place that offers a great array of friendly accommodations. The Bazaar is nestled on the east side of the old walled city and is about 1 km long on Chang Khlan Road. It is open every day of the year from 17:00 and besides shops selling Thai handicrafts, souvenirs, antiques, clothes, hilltribe products, wood carving, silverwares, lacquerware, celadon, ceramic, paintings, Thai silk and cotton, visitors will find a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment. Few people visit Chiang Mai without picking up a few bargains here. But even if you do not want to buy anything just going for a stroll up and down the Night Bazaar is an amazing experience.

Even if you aren’t a history lover, you should visit the Old Town of Chiang Mai! Those willing a provincial Thai vacation should book one hotel here. A fast standard tour will include the following attractions: Tapae Gate - the eastern gate to the Old City of Chiang Mai, Wat Chiang Man - one of the oldest temples in the old city, Three Kings statue – King Mengrai, King Ramkamhaeng of Sukothai and King Ngam Muang of Payao who are the founders of Chiang Mai, Art & Cultural Center - the old provincial hall built in 1924, Wat Pan Tao - one of four monastic temples serving the royal temple next door, Wat Chedi Luang – one of the most impressive temple in Chiang Mai that housed the Emerald Buddha (the most important object in Thailand), Wat Pra Singh, home to one of Thailand's most revered, and apparently most copied, Buddha images.

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