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Seychelles - hop form island to island by plane and helicopter

The Seychelles is considered to be among the world's greatest natural treasures. Seychelles’ 115 granite and coral islands represent an archipelago of dazzling beauty, harmony and natural peace; it is known for its pristine beaches, unseen birds, crystal clear waters, great diversity which rolls from lush forests down to the warm azure ocean, and wonderful 5 Star resorts. The islands of Seychelles are perfect for honeymoon couples that are looking for remote, romantic destination or for families wanting an exotic beach holiday with an abundance of water sports such as sailing and diving.
The best way to discover Seychelles is to hop from island to island by plane and helicopter; see the lush rainforests and spectacular shores from above is once in a lifetime experience. Flying over the islands you will see the obvious difference between the inside islands which are from granite – the largest and most populated – and the outer islands which are low-lying coral atolls and reef islets. So you can reach the most remote and quiet places on Earth!
No matter where you start, a journey to Seychelles is long. Seychelles Islands lie between 480km and 1,600km from the east coast of Africa in the western Indian Ocean. Air Seychelles has regularly scheduled flights from France, London, Rome and Paris. Other connections are to South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and Singapore. Doha Airways and Dubai Airlines also fly to and from the Seychelles. Through these hubs, travelers can connect with other places around the world. Private planes are cleared through the Civil Aviation Authority at Mahe Airport.

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Island-hopping is seamless in Seychelles and is made possible through a regular network of air transport primarily operating out of the principal island, Mahé. Air Seychelles operates a shuttle service between Mahé and Praslin, the second largest island. The flight lasts only 15 minutes with an average of 20 return flights every day. Air Seychelles also operates other inter-island flights, usually on the request of hotels to Bird, Denis, Desroches and Alphonse Islands. Also part of the air network are Helicopter Seychelles and Zil Air, which are helicopter charter companies specialising in island transfers, excursions and chartered scenic flights throughout Seychelles. The Islands Development Company specialises in charter flights mostly to the Outer Islands of Seychelles.
The most intriguing aspect about the Seychelles islands is that every single one is different and unique in its own way, each with their own history, mystery and story to tell. In Praslin you can walk through the 19.5 ha Vallée de Mai 's lush forests – a National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the highly revered Coco de Mer seed. Coco de Mer is famous for its size and likeness to the female reproductive area. The seed can weigh up to 30kg and grow to nearly 20 inches in diameter. General Gordon of Khartoum believed that the prehistoric rainforest at Vallée de Mai was the original site of the Garden of Eden, and that the Coco de Mer was its forbidden fruit. Also, here you can swim in tranquil waters of Anse Lazio beach - voted as one of the top 10 beaches in the world.
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But Anse Lazio does not diminish the beauty of La Digue beaches, of which Anse Source d’Argent is often used as a movie set. Where there are as splendid beaches as in Seychelles, water sports cannot be far away. The resorts on the beaches of Seychelles provide facilities for sports like snorkeling, sailing, surfing along with scuba diving. Occasionally you will find fishermen standing knee deep in turquoise waters and fishing. The variety of fresh fish is amazing, and is often turned into any number of delicious fish dishes that include the use of fruits, spices, condiments, and herbs. Mangoes, apples, coconut, hearts of palm, tubers, and unusual delicacies like fruit bat and octopus add to the impressive culinary repertoire of the Seychelles. Other islands that promise unforgettable sensations are Bird Island where you will find a bird sanctuary and a nesting site for turtles, Mahe Island which hosts the Seychelles capital – Victoria – with outstanding examples of traditional architecture, a busy market, shops, boutiques and service providers, Arise Island which is the world's most important nature preserve and biodiversity sanctuary, Aride Island which is home to 10 species of endemic birds like the Brush Warbler, Fodie, and Magpie Robin, as well as numerous species of sea birds, Ile Coco Marine Park which covers three small islands surrounded by sparkling clear water and coral reefs, Curieuse Island with their speckled hills with coco-de-mer trees, bearer or the unique fruit that is one of the prime symbols of the Seychelles.
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Seychelles is a year-round destination with warm tropical climate conditions. But the best time to visit the Seychelles is from late May to September when both temperatures and rainfall are at their lowest. The warmer and wetter season is from March to early May.
In seychelles can be found a great array of accommodations. There is a wide range of hotels, guest houses, spa hotels, luxury villas and self-catering accommodation available in Mahe to suit every visitor. For those wanting a more remote honeymoon destination the islands of Silhouette island, Fregate island, Denis Island, Desroches Island or Praslin Island are just a few that offer ultimate luxury and the perfect choice with their coconut palmed beaches and lush tropical setting.
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