Top Destinations for Adventurers

Vacation to many people brings up images of relaxation, laziness, doing a whole lot of nothing. But that’s not for everyone! Some people want to use their free time to have an adventure. This wide beautiful world of ours offers more adventure destinations than one person could ever complete. Use this handy guide for where you should start working on your Bucket List. Here are the top destinations for adventurers.

Nomadic Mongolia

You’ve read about Genghis Khan, now you can see if you can hack a life lived like him! Your accommodations will be the nomads’ standard “ger”. Your transportation will be on horseback, of course, and by oxcart. No high speed rail here! You will learn local traditions with garment-making and archery and more, all from true locals. Leave that smartphone at home, no WiFi here! The Terelj National Park is the setting for this adventure!

Reclusive Myanmar

A recent travel option, Myanmar is now open to tourists, and adventure! A true undiscovered country, Myanmar is a haven for hikers and walkers. This culture has been isolated for so long, history is alive here.
In the city of Bagan there are a whopping 2,000 temples and pagodas! Entire villages are built up on stilts in Inle Lake. Enjoy the floating gardens, because you aren’t in Kansas (or Europe) anymore!

Wild Ride in the US

The Chetco River in Oregon is known for being nearly impassable. This river is a Class IV destination with what is described as “epic” rapids. Real danger awaits, and this adventure is for skilled travelers only!
This river is so rarely traveled that is is still pristine.Side adventures such as canyon hiking when you pause to recover from the rapids.If you want remote adventure, this trip is for you!

Boating in Botswana

Have you ever wanted to go on a safari, and paddle all the way? Botswana has long been a top safari destination. Exitoc African animals are only part of the Botswana attraction in the Okavango Delta.
A safari in this area also includes the magnificent display of the beautiful Victoria Falls.
There are now new trips along the Selinda Canoe Trail where you can paddle through a safari trip in the the Selinda Wildlife Reserve. Or, if you want to stay on dry land, try a horseback riding trip out of Camp Kalahari, known for its traditional tents on the palm-fringed island.

Cycle Cuba

Join the Rolling Revolution and travel to Cuba! The US travel restrictions to Cuba have loosened in recent years. Cuba and the US are now encouraging "people-to-people interactions".The Cuban roads are paved and in good condition and the streets are relatively care free.
Road cycling through Colonial-era neighborhoods are a great way to enjoy Cuban architecture. Also popular is hiking in the Zapata Peninsula national park, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. After all that cycling, don’t miss sailing through the amazing limestone caves near the Sierra de los Organos Mountains. Wild!

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