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The 15 Places to Go in 2014


Undoubtedly the most dramatic spectacles by nature that you get to see on the planet. The blue hot springs, dazzling white glaciers, rugged lava fields, black sands, and the soothing green valleys; the North Atlantic island has so much to offer you.



The ultimate destination where change is the only constant, yet you feel like home here. Considering the intimate size of the city, there are colossal experiences waiting for you, be it in the old or new Dublin.



This place is the hub of the most splendid forms of ancient architecture and art. The land of King Minos has snowcapped peaks that loom behind the sandy shorelines, olive groves, and vineyards. There are long stretches of beaches for all kinds of tourists, some with amenities and others completely isolated. The combination of mountains and caves along with the sea sure does pull crowd here, but the highest attraction remains the mystery that surrounds the first civilization of Europe.



With the Indian rupee sliding against the U.S Dollar, 2014 would be a good time to explore the diversity of Indian culture and have an enriching yet affordable vacation. The hot Indian cuisine, the rich tribal and folk culture, ethnic textile designs and ancient monuments await you! Get ready for a bright, diverse and light on the pocket holiday!


Right at the approach of Provence you get to experience the beauty of cypresses and red-tiled roofs. Blooming oleanders with the sun-filled landscapes at the backdrop provide the perfect idea of a getaway from daily mundane life that had inspired the Post-impressionists.


Considered to be one of the proudest and stateliest capitals in the world, it is, like Rome, built on seven hills. It creates a remarkable backdrop for the ancient stories from the pages of history.



The beauty of Prague makes the most jaded tourists stop, take notice and snap photos. The Vltava River divides the city into two parts which runs from south till north with one cut into the east. The cobblestoned streets and squares attract most of people here.


If you want to enjoy a romantic vacation miles away into the midst of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is the place to be! With its spectacular white sandy beaches bound by water so azure and clear, backed by a wild green expanse, you’d feel in a paradise. Known for its ecotourism and a pristine environment, Seychelles offers you a chance to completely immerse yourself in nature’s lap. See also Seychelles - hop form island to island by plane and helicopter

9.Southern Dalmatia

Since 1358 till 1808, the royal walled city of Dubrovnik has been a powerful and rich independent republic that had influenced the entire region with its economic and cultural prowess. Croatia’s most popular site has the magnificent views of rugged mountains and the sea to offer to you.



Lovers of art have named Salzburg as the Golden City of High Baroque, and the historians refer to it as the German Rome, or the Florence of the North. The birthplace of Mozart has been attracting musician lovers from all over the world for years.

11.Rio De Janeiro

In the summer of 2014, Rio De Janeiro will be flocked by football lovers since Brazil is hosting the Football World Cup and the much anticipated final of the Cup will be held in the the second largest city of Brazil! What’s more, tourists will get a chance to be a part of the best beach culture and carnivals in the world!



The German capital has seen magnanimous changes since the fall of the dictator. After being united, the two Berlins have become the ideal place to experience innovative culture, architecture, entertainment, shopping and nightlife experiences.



The several glories of Vienna’s imperial past still linger on in the form of the cultural legacy that was created by the genius artists like Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Schubert, and Gustav Klimt. Apart from the great rivals of this city – London, Rome, and Paris – travelers get awed by the cohesive character of the architect that’s sets it apart.



For those who want to spend their time lazing on the beach by the palm trees and admiring the view, the South of France welcomes you! France is a bit like a pick and mix, it really does offer a bit of something for everyone, so if all that talk of amazing food, wine and fun has got your heart beating faster then get planning your holiday to France right now. Go visit the place and rent a holiday home in France to experience it all.



Bali, which is better known as the Island of Gods is one of the most popular and exotic holiday destinations in Indonesia. Blessed with a varied topography of mountains, sandy beaches, landscapes of lush fields and barren volcanic sites, it presents with a myriad places to visit. The temples of Bali, the predominant Hindu culture, Bali’s exotic cuisine topped with its to-die-for spas provide a tourist to completely indulge in Bali’s rich culture. If you’re looking for an exotic destination, with a serene and relaxed environment, away from the humdrum of the cities, Bali is the place to be. You’ll return with a rejuvenated self, guaranteed!

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