Best Travel Destinations on a Budget

Travelling is a very ecstatic activity that anyone can get addicted to. However, this addiction can be limited according to your resources. How many funds are allotted for your travelling? Good thing there are places that you can visit without going bankrupt. Staying on a budget is not a problem when you visit the following destinations from all over the world:


With only $4 for accommodations, you can get by while travelling in Cambodia. This places houses one of the interesting temples on earth. If you are very familiar with an old film starred by Angelina Jolie called Tomb Raider, this is where the location was taken. The Angkor Wat is a popular destination here in Cambodia. It is best visited when you’re with your friends and also if you plan to go here for a backpacking experience.


If you’re on a backpacking ride, you can spend within the range of $5 to $8 in Nepal. All you have to do is find for the cheapest accommodations in the area and indulge on the local cuisine. Though tourists from America needs visa, it is only affordable at $25. The constant scenery here is the unique architecture in this place.


You can travel in Colombia and allot $10 for your lodging. However, escape tourist prices that are mostly happening in the cities of Cartagena and Bogota. If you’re good at Spanish, you can get by and be treated as a local here in this wonderful country.


Who would’ve thought that Prague is one of the destinations that you’ll find under the budget list. However, Prague offers around $10 to $20 per hostel room for a stay experience. More importantly, you can just walk and tour around the area to make your visit worthwhile.


You can still tour lavishly without spending too much. Your $100 is already a big fine dining treat in Thailand. You can find a place to stay at that only starts at around $10. When it comes to food, you can diverge into the street food that is one of the best attractions in Thailand.


A nature’s delight, Bolivia is a must see in your bucket list. You can tour around the magnificent stalls of nature while find a cheap accommodation that starts at $10. All you have to do is bring a map with you and exploration begins.


This archipelagic country has over 7,107 islands that offers different natural habitats, foods and other attractions. You can travel through cheap flight travels and even promos. Filipinos are well known for being hospitable and for that you can avail freebies while you stay in this place. More so, accommodations are cheapest at $20


Petronas Towers is the iconic structure that many pays for a visit in Malaysia. This country is one of the countries among Southeast Asia. You can find a lodging for only $7 to $10 a night. Meanwhile, you can simply take pleasure in tasting their street foods.

9.Hong Kong

Either you want to go shopping or visit Disneyland, budget is not a problem. There are flight travels that are affordable. This is best to visit with your friends and family members, especially during the holidays.


This country offers a multi diversity on its culture and culinary. With numerous of races living in this place, Singapore provides delighting views and attractions that you can afford within your budget. Though food may be quite expensive, you can admire touring around the city.

Gideon TakSen is a writer and traveller. He works in a search engine optimization company in Missouri that offers social media marketing and also good infographic.

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